Specializes in Fiberglass Custom Mopar Hoods and parts. Now partnered with Stinger Fiberglass for even more makes and models for all of your muscle car restoration.
Specializes in Custom Fiberglass Hoods, Fiberglass Cowls, Fiberglass Big Block Hoods and many additional Fiberglass parts for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth or Pontiac.
Check back for a specialized site dedicated to Corvette restorations, no matter what the year or model.

About Stinger Fiberglass

Welcome to the Stinger Fiberglass Designs, Inc; home of the American Sports Car, AAR Quality Fiberglass, and Stinger Corvette websites.  We are home of the most extensive catalogs and online selection of aftermarket fiberglass parts for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac and Trucks.  We carry a vast line of hoods, bumpers, fenders, front/rear ends, scoops and much more to help get your project off the ground.

Whether you are restoring a classic muscle car, racing, or customizing your new ride, we ARE the place to shop for your Custom Fiberglass Aftermarket Parts.  All our light weight, fiberglass products are made by hand right here in central Florida, USA!  Our engineered parts are made by experienced craftsman who pay close attention to detail. These men and women take pride in the products they build to ensure the detailed part complements your vehicle’s inner design, giving it that outstanding look every car enthusiast craves.

The hand laid fiberglass parts are strong and durable. Each Stinger Fiberglass mold has been painstakingly reproduced from the original body parts and has heavy reinforcements to ensure consistent quality and a superior fit. They are NOT built using a chopper gun as with cheaper imitations. Hand lamination is used to make every part here at Stinger Fiberglass. The gray gel coat finish is perfect for sanding, sealing and painting, which means minimal prep time.

At Stinger Fiberglass Designs we make fiberglass products for the classic car enthusiast and we use superior materials. Whether you are searching for something unique compared to other vehicles, or sticking with the classic factory look, the choice is yours.

Does it take a little longer to hand build? Absolutely!  You get a quality handmade part to complete that baby you have been restoring for years. Does it cost a bit more? Of course. The price, well let’s just say it’s worth it! Of course, cheaper parts can be found, but that’s usually what you get…cheap parts.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell imported fiberglass parts and try to pass it as ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA so we can make a larger profit.


We ship your parts via freight carrier or ground service to your business or residence or you can pick up your order at our facility in Florida.

Call us today for further information and ordering:  321-268-1118

Thank you for your time in checking out our sites.



Artie Schricker, Owner/Operator